How to spot counterfeit Xenical

The weight loss drug, Xenical (orlistat) is an inhibitor of the enzyme lipase. It is used to prevent fats from being absorbed by your body. However, counterfeit (fake) Xenical has been entering the market in many regions of the world. Even in the US, fake Xenical pills have entered the online market. Fake Xenical pills can be dangerous because they may not contain sufficient levels of the active ingredient, or they may contain other substances that might be harmful.

How to recognize Xenical

Always buy your Xenical from a reputable pharmacy in the UK, or from a reputable pharmacy in another country when travelling abroad. Try to bring sufficient medication with you when traveling abroad and never buy Xenical at any outdoor markets in any country, as the medication is likely to be fake.

When your supply of Xenical is finished, ensure that you save the empty package (including the outside box and bottle). You can compare it with the package of Xenical that you purchase in the future.

Observe the medication in the bottle to ensure that the pills have the correct: size, shape, marking (Xenical), visual quality (i.e., are not broken) and turquoise colour of Xenical capsules that you have purchased in the past.

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Marking (Xenical)
  • Visual quality (i.e., are not broken)
  • Turquoise colour of Xenical capsules


Packaging Check

Check to make sure that the size, colours, brand name lettering, the logo, spelling of all words, and the manufacturer logo on the outside package of Xenical. Make sure that the printing of letters and colours on the outside package is clear. Check to be certain that the outside of the box has an expiry date (month and year), and that a reference number for the batch of medication is present.

Also, compare the size, shape and materials of the bottle of Xenical. Check the cap of the bottle and the rimmed part of the cap to ensure that they are the same size and shape as the cap on the bottle of Xenical that you have purchased in the past. Make sure that the foil seal covering the inner top of the bottle is good quality, that the printing on the foil is clear, that spelling is correct and that the words are identical to that of the Xenical tablets you have purchased in the past.

The Patient Leaflet

In addition, be sure that the box contains instructions (called a package insert or prescribing information) printed in several languages on good paper.

Importantly, make sure that you are purchasing prescription Xenical and not the over-the-counter version called Alli.

If you have any doubt when you are at a retail pharmacy, ask the pharmacist to show you another package of Xenical.

When traveling abroad, try to bring sufficient medication and your prescription with you. If you need to get a prescription from a physician in another country, make certain that you consult physician websites that are listed in your travel guidebook. Never buy Xenical at any outdoor markets in any country, as the medication is likely to be fake. If you need to purchase Xenical when traveling in other countries buy only from reputable pharmacies.

Buying Xenical online

When purchasing Xenical online, buy it from a reputable online pharmacy in the UK. The reputable online pharmacies in the UK will require a prescription. Follow the same procedure to check the authenticity of the Xenical that is shipped to you from an online pharmacy with a good reputation in the UK.


The weight loss drug Reductil (sibutramine) was taken off the market in the UK and many other countries due to the possibility of serious side effects, which increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients who had a history of conditions of the heart and blood vessels.

Some of the fake Xenical that was sold online in the US was found to contain sibutramine instead of Xenical. This is another reason why you need to ensure that you purchase Xenical at a reputable retail pharmacy or an online pharmacy with a good reputation in the UK.


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